so my house got robbed last week and we lost about 10k~15k worth of items and in that includes a box of spare keys. in it included keys to all three of our vehicles. one car’s engine isn’t working, one car is with my brother and the third, our truck, is with my parents and i. we were warned there is a possibility the robbers will come back so we were just starting the process of trying to get our truck rekeyed.

well, last night, our truck was stolen.

i love my parents and it hurts me to see that they’ve lost so much. i’m 17, and jobs are scarce in my town unless i work out a special school schedule and i really can’t do that. but i want to help instead of sitting by idly and watching my parents stress over it like i have for the past week. i never really liked the idea of commissions because i feel that my drawings arent worthy of money but i’m desperate right now. i will work really hard on every drawing to make sure that it is worth your money i’m so sorry

i don’t want to just ask for donations, so i think the best thing to do will be commissions and i have set up a button on my blogs.

of course, my art can be viewed here and here.
oh my god all my sample art is fanart sorry :(

this would mean a lot to me and my family if you could please, please help; or even just spread the word. thank you so so so much

i can negotiate prices, i am honestly not sure how much i should even price them and if you think i should change them talk to me!!