i never draw this pairing in fact i dont know if ive ever drawn them before omg

i never draw this pairing in fact i dont know if ive ever drawn them before omg


is it just me or is julie a mega babe

i just realized i posted this on the wrong blog lmsfosdfposf


is it just me or is julie a mega babe

i just realized i posted this on the wrong blog lmsfosdfposf

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theres a neopet named eradia and it suddenly hit me

ive never seen eridan/aradia

wrong i am the number one eradia shipper there is back off my otp


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im having some p bad art block ew

im having some p bad art block ew

just a noteim so extremely sorry if you havent gotten your commission yet ;_; ive been horribly busy and it wont get better until after school ends for me this coming week i hope i havent scared anyone lol

right now im watching the house while my parents drive a 3 hour trip to get our new puppy so im working on some now uvu

thanks for the patience!

Anonym asked:
Hello! I'm really sorry to hear about your family's situation and I feel bad that I can't help right now.. :( But I have to say, I looked through your art tag and I am absolutely in love with your art!!!!! :D It's all so pretty! Anyway, I hope things get better soon!

awww my gosh thank you UwU I’m really flattered hsjdkfjfjf ///////


Anonym asked:
can't the police,like, track down your car? :c. *also sends positive energy*~~~

i only know that they can find it based on license plate and the type of truck
but im not too hopeful that itd found, and if it is it wont be in good shape. they probably stripped it for parts to sell and totaled it or something bc thats what happens to almost every stolen car thats found in my area

and my town is the drug capitol of oregon which is a huge drug hub in the us so im almost certain thats what they did

but thank you so much for the positive energy <3

Anonym asked:
I'm so sorry to hear about your recent troubles. :[ I hope things get better for you soon! I just wanted to pop by and say you should totally be charging a bit more for your commissions. I understand the need to encourage people to buy with cheaper prices, but your work is TOTALLY worth more than you're asking. :] Best of luck!

awww thank you!!!! i really appreciate that you think theyre worth more but idk ;____; thank you though

Anonym asked:
your art is so beautiful commission worthy. my house was robbed just recently too, so i'm really sorry to hear about what happened. that is the worst! i was curious if you're still taking commissions? or are you overloaded right now?

oh my thank you!!! ;_; and im so sorry. its literally the worst feeling and i dont feel safe being at home but i feel conflicted because i feel like i need to be home to watch it

and i am, it will just be a while before you get a drawing. i promised a weeks tops but i think it’ll be a little bit longer because i have a lot i need to do in the next two weeks regarding school and home stuff. :(

Anonym asked:
hi i just wanted to let you know that although i cant buy any art from you cause i'm poor, i wanted to wish you good luck and even if you don't believe in this stuff i sent you some positive energy ♥ and i reblogged your post so my followers can see it too. i hope your family can get back up on their feet soon

oh my gosh thank you


Anonym asked:
this is weird but i just gotta say i really really REALLY REALLY like your lineless art it is amazing uvu

not weird at all just super sugary sweet aaaa <3 thank you


Anonym asked:
HEY i really hope things turn around for your family, that's a really shitty series of events and im sorry it had to happen to such a sweet n nice person. donating anon because i dont want to burden you with more commissions ehehehe

ohhh my gosh ;_; thANK YOU SO MUCH


i never thought people would actually want commissions SCREAMSYOU ALL ARE SO SWEET AND I CRIED HAPPY TEARS
oh ohive already started them and give me a week tops to finish them since i still have three weeks of school left and they are turning out to be the busiest

if it takes any longer than a week remind me ANGRILY and i will make it top priority though i will try to make sure i get it to you all ASAP

thank you for all the interest and the concern and sympathy and gosh ;_; just thank you all so much aaaaa

if youve asked for a commission and havent emailed me please do so!  at heirtransparent@live.com
i got sosurprised and embarrassed that i accidentally didnt write down some names and THAT WAS REALLY DUMB OF ME IM REALLY SORRY but its mostly just a helpful reminder because i check my email a lot!!

again thank you i am so grateful and surprised and gosh ;u;


Anonym asked:
have you ever drawn anything from the legend of zelda? just wondering, I really love your art and i would love to see that c:. im really sorry about the robbing and if i can i will definitely donate.

i have but i am always looking for excuses to draw more of my favorite nintendo characters! thank you thank you thank you though oh my gosh <3

so my house got robbed last week and we lost about 10k~15k worth of items and in that includes a box of spare keys. in it included keys to all three of our vehicles. one car’s engine isn’t working, one car is with my brother and the third, our truck, is with my parents and i. we were warned there is a possibility the robbers will come back so we were just starting the process of trying to get our truck rekeyed.

well, last night, our truck was stolen.

i love my parents and it hurts me to see that they’ve lost so much. i’m 17, and jobs are scarce in my town unless i work out a special school schedule and i really can’t do that. but i want to help instead of sitting by idly and watching my parents stress over it like i have for the past week. i never really liked the idea of commissions because i feel that my drawings arent worthy of money but i’m desperate right now. i will work really hard on every drawing to make sure that it is worth your money i’m so sorry

i don’t want to just ask for donations, so i think the best thing to do will be commissions and i have set up a button on my blogs.

of course, my art can be viewed here and here.
oh my god all my sample art is fanart sorry :(

this would mean a lot to me and my family if you could please, please help; or even just spread the word. thank you so so so much

i can negotiate prices, i am honestly not sure how much i should even price them and if you think i should change them talk to me!!

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